Personal Loans

Eligibility Salary
Rs.12000 ( Minimum)
EMI Rs.2485/- Per Lakh (5 Yrs)

Home Loans

Eligibility Income Rs.10000
(No IT Return Required Up to 50 Lakhs*)
EMI Rs.889/- Per Lakh (30 Yrs)

Doctor Loans

Up to 30 Lakhs
(No IT Return Required
Up to 10 Lakhs)


Loan Against Property

Loans available against Residential
and Commercial Properties
EMI Rs.1299/- Per Lakh (15 Yrs)

Car Loans

Eligibility income Rs.15000
EMI Rs.1699/- Per Lakh (7 Yrs)
Re-Finance For Used Cars
Emi Rs.3515/- per Lakh (3 Yrs)

Business Loans

Up to 50 Lakhs
(No IT Return Required Up to 5 Lakhs)
Emi Rs.2999/- Per Lakh (5 Yrs)

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